Let There be Freeware: MindMaple

Let There be Freeware: MindMaple

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My love for freeware has led me to many places. I’ve been to the back-alleys of the internet, to where the juvenile garage-based programming companies advertise their freeware; to silicon valley’s finest and everywhere in between.  I was in mid-yawn when I came across MindMaple, a new company who shows promise of being the next big thing. They grabbed my attention right away with their well-designed website and powerful product.

MindMaple is a mind mapping program that allows you to add topics, subtopics, boundaries and relationships to a fully customizable mind map. You can also add pictures, hyperlinks, files, notes and icons to your topics making the uses for this program endless. If you’re thinking: “It sounds a lot like Evernote” then you’re both right and wrong. MapleMind can be used for many of the same tasks as Evernote but what’s best is that they provide their lite version (perfect for use on secondary devices like tablets and iphones) absolutely free!

Screenshot MapleMind
Example of a provided template that can be used to complete a schedule. The drag and drop work space and interactive buttons that can be added make it great to use!

While it lacks the super-convenient web-clipping feature that Evernote users worship, MindMaple carries the advantage of a very simple and easy-to use interface. I have tested the windows version and because the task panes seem to have been adapted from the modern Microsoft Word task panes, it was no hassle finding the features I needed and completing several mind maps.

MindMaple Mindmapping Software
A little example of how MindMaple can be used as a tool for brainstorming, compiling, synthesizing and deciding on the format of a blog post.

It was a quick and easy download from their website and there were zero viruses, ads or third-party installations in the process. These are the things I seek in freeware, along with good technical support and no 30-day trial shenanigans. Their blog on wordpress is also worth a visit if you’re interested in improving your time management and productivity (which is the main purpose of MindMaple if you haven’t noticed that yet). A worthy cause if you ask me.

As a blogger, student and victim of foggy brain syndrome, this program allows me to quickly and painlessly de-clutter my brain throughout the day. If you enjoy free, good quality and powerful software then follow my blog as I will be writing about some of my favourite applications every Sunday.

What brain-jogging hacks or programs do you use? Share your secrets in the comments section below.


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